Frequently Asked Questions

Will my courses transfer to ECU?

The Health Services Management advisor can evaluate an unofficial transcript to give you an accurate answer.  Please e-mail Lauren Allen-Joyner at

Is the program completely available online?

Yes.  However, there is a lot of group work in several of the classes that will require you to check your e-mail daily.  You are expected to watch recorded lectures each week. This is not a flexible degree that can be completed only on the weekends.

I work full time and have a family.  Can I complete the program part time?

Yes.  There is no time limit on completing the program.  We have many current on-line students who are taking 2 courses per semester.  This will make your time line to graduation longer.

What is the Allied Health Concentration?

If students have an AAS degree along with certification in a healthcare field (ex. Radiology Tech, CNA, Respiratory Therapist, COTA, PTA etc.) and are currently working in the field, then they qualify for the Allied Health Concentration.  This means students will not have to take HIMA 3000 (Medical Terminology) or HSMA 3115 (Human Diseases).  Students may have the opportunity to transfer in some of their healthcare college credits (as elective hours towards completion of the degree) AFTER being admitted into the Health Services Management program.  *These credits will not initially transfer in to ECU.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to apply to the Health Services Management program?

No.  The application to the Health Services Management program is free of charge.

Is there an internship requirement for this degree?

Yes.  Students are required to complete a 160-hour internship during their last semester in the program.  Students receive assistance in choosing their internships during the semester preceding the internship experience.  Distance education students may choose an internship location in their hometown.