Health Care Administration Certificate FAQ

How long will the program take to complete?

It depends on when you begin. The program can be completed in three semesters if you begin in the summer or fall. It takes four semesters if you start in the spring, and is therefore not recommended.

Is there a recommended course sequencing?

Yes. The prescribed sequencing ensures all prerequisites are met and provides the fastest course of completion given the semester the student begins.

  • Summer start: Summer I: COHE 6300; Fall: COHE 6000/HIMA 6060 and COHE 6310; Spring: COHE 6600 and COHE 6620.
  • Fall start: Fall: COHE 6000/HIMA 6060 and COHE 6310; Spring: COHE 6600 and COHE 6620; Summer I: COHE 6300.
  • Spring start: Spring COHE 6000/HIMA 6060; Summer I: COHE 6300; Fall: COHE 6310; Spring: COHE 6600 and COHE 6620.

Can I take a semester off?

Yes. You can defer one time for one semester without having to reapply to the program. However, you must inform the program director and Graduate School before the semester officially begins.

How do I reapply?

If you have already applied to the program (including paying the application fee), you will simply select the reapplication option in a new application. The reapplication process is much shorter than the previous (as most of the information is already filled in), can be processed much quicker (as supporting materials are already here), and does not require a reapplication fee.

Health Information Management Certificate FAQ

Are students accepted for admission into the program only in the Fall semester?

Yes, applications for admission are only considered for acceptance in the Fall semester and the application deadline for the Fall semester is May 15.

Can I take any of the pre-requisite courses at the same time I take HIM certificate program courses?

No, the pre-requisite courses cannot be taken concurrently with HIM certificate courses. They must be completed before beginning study in the HIM certificate program.

Do I have to take the pre-requisite courses at ECU?

No, you can take these courses at another 4 year or 2 year institution. They can be transferred into ECU by title so make sure the course you take is equivalent by title and number of semester credit hours to those listed above.

How long will this program take to complete?

That will depend on whether you pursue the HIM certificate as a full time or a part time student. Full time, 3-4 courses per semester, will take about 2-3 semesters to complete. Part time, 1-2 courses per semester, will take you about 3-5 semesters to complete.

What is the cost of tuition for the HIM certificate program?

Take this link for the most current information about graduate study tuition.  If you intend to be an on campus student, check under, “Main campus” If you intend to be a distance education student,  check under “Distance education/continuing education.”